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Wet Sprinkler Systems
Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems are what you typically picture when discussing Fire Sprinkler Systems. These kinds of sprinklers are common and very cost-effective. They are water-charged and are designed to discharge at a certain temperature (depending on the sprinkler head), thus containing the spread of the fire. 

Standpipe Sprinkler Systems
A Standpipe Fire Sprinkler System is part of a series of pipe that connects a water supply to hose connections intended for use mainly by the fire department. 

Foam Sprinkler Systems
Foam Sprinkler Systems use foam rather than water to extinguish fires. They are used for Industrial applications and are designed with open-headed deluge sprinklers or a high-expansion foam generator. Foam systems are great at controlling and extinguishing flammable liquid fires and are used in places like power plants, aircraft hangars, and chemical storage facilities. 

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems
A Dry Fire Sprinkler System is a unique protection device designed for unconditioned spaces where temperatures could fall below 40° F. Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems require more maintenance than Wet Sprinkler Systems. 

Deluge Sprinkler Systems
A Deluge Fire Sprinkler System has a lot in common with the Preaction Sprinkler System except the sprinkler heads are open and the pipe isn't air-pressurized. Deluge Systems are connected to a water supply through a deluge valve that is opened by the operation of a smoke or heat detection system. 

Preaction Sprinkler Systems
Preaction fire sprinkler systems are from a certain variety of dry pipe sprinkler system that combines some qualities of a dry system with the speed of an early warning detection system. These are commonly found in locations where accidentally activating it could damage costly assets found in data centers, museums, and others. 

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Whether you need fire sprinkler systems in your retail store, factory, restaurant, personal care home, school, office, or even your home, Firetronics can design and install the best system for your unique specifications and code requirements. We also conduct fire sprinkler inspection and testing.

Firetronics uses the best products available in the industry, such as Viking, Reliable, Vitaulic, and more.  ​​

We provide Expert Design and Installation of:

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